Kluge Drill Attachment As Seen on Ice Fishing Today

Here is the ultimate drill assembly designed for hand held electric drills. Using high carbon steel chipper blades, this Drill assembly is designed specifically for re-drilling old holes. The unique centering pin greatly reduces blade jump and allows for a quick and clean hole time and time again when using permanent fish houses. The composite flutes are not designed to throw ice shavings around the inside of your fish house, but instead is designed to make it very easy to remove the ice without getting ice all over the floor.

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Electric Auger Options

Requires a 1/2 inch drill chuck - has its own floatation system to prevent it from sinking down the hole if it comes detached from the drill. Requires a minimum of a 24 volt, high torch hammer drill for best results.

K-Drill: $499.95



Kluge Drill Attachment

Kluge Drill Attachment As Seen on Ice Fishing Today

The Kluge Electric Auger Drill Adaptor by KECO is chuck mounted and is the most convenient way to get your hand ice auger working for you. Open the chuck, when you get home, and your cordless drill is ready for another job. Chuck mounting leaves open the possibility your drill will come out of the chuck at the worst possible time and your ice auger goes down the hole. This keco adapter has cross arms that rotate freely on the shaft to stop the drill at the ice surface. Three drive flats are used for the most secure chuck mounting.

This innovate product simply fits into any 1/2" electric drill. No special chuck is required. We do recommend the use of a drill that offers a low gear ratio since electric drills often go from 0 to 100% so fast, the drill could spin right out of your hand if the auger bit gets stuck. The auger attachment is simply the bottom end of a hand Lazer auger from Strikemaster. You will need to go to your local ice fishing dealer to buy the StrikeMaster hand auger separately and easily attached it to the adaptor.

Kluge Drill Attachment: $45.00



Bosch Litheon Hammer Drill/Driver w/ 2 Standard Batteries

Bosch Litheon Drill

  • Flexible Power System Match battery to application. Fatpack (2 included) for 36 volt power and maximum runtime.
  • Litheon 36V batteries The most advanced Li-ion battery available today allows more battery charges and longer run times.
  • Brute Tough Construction with Unibody Powertrain, Metal-Reinforced Collar and Durashield Housing. Constructed to wothstand real world conditions. Withstands repeated 1-story drops when the competition fails.
  • Hammer on/off ring Easily engage and disengage
  • Hammer Torque Mode Produces over 600 in.-lbs.
  • Externally Accessible Brushes for brush replacement in as little as 2 minutes
  • Ratcheting, Carbide Tooth Single Sleeve 1/2" Chuck for one-handed bit changes.
  • 15-Position clutch
  • BOSCH Designed Powertrain with Metal Gears
  • Litheon Fast Charger Charges 36V batteries to 80% of capacity in 30 minutes


  • No Load RPM:0-450 and 0-1,500
  • No Loan BPM:18000
  • Torque (in lbs.):600
  • Weight (lbs.):6.1 lbs with Slimpack (without Assist Handle), 7.2 lbs with FatPack (without Assist Handle)
  • Rating 36V

What's Included:

  • (1) - Carrying Case
  • (1) - Double-ended Bit
  • (1) - Litheon Fast Charger
  • (2) - Litheon 36V FatPack Batteries
  • (1) - 360 Degree Auxiliary Handle

Bosch Litheon Hammer Drill/Driver: $499.99

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