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With the click of your mouse, you have access to hours of ice fishing video information to watch on line! The breakthrough concept of IFT comes from the fact it is impossible in a 30 minute show to get into the kind of detail people need to know so they can get out themselves and fish. The on-line episodes are show exactly as they aired on TV, and are only the tip of the iceberg. On-line, you have access to the extra topics to take you deeper into the subject matter.

Ultimate Panfish Tactics

Late Winter Perch Ultimate Panfish Tactics focuses on using today's high-tech tackle and gear to make the most out each and every trip onto the ice. Join Tom with guests Matt Johnson and Corey Bechtold as they show you how to improve your ice fishing success, both with and without live bait.

Classic Dave Genz

Classic Dave Genz Classic Dave Genz DOUBLE your fishing success - Ice Fishing Today would not be complete without a visit from Mr. Ice Fishing himself, Dave Genz. This is all Dave Genz, his insights, his secrets and his wisdom that he has been sharing with winter anglers for over 20 years.

Late Winter Perch

Late Winter Perch Late Winter Perch is a Mille Lacs adventure with fishing guide Corey Studer. Corey takes us out on the melting ice and shows Tom and fellow guide Jason Durham some of his secret hot spots. As an extra treat, famous angler Butch Furtman shows up and cooks us up a batch of freshly caught perch.

Ice Fishing Bluegill

Ice Fishing Bluegill Ice Fishing Bluegill introduces the exciting sport of ice fishing to the beginner. Tom Zenanko shows you how to catch fish after fish with nothing but a jiggle stick, bobber and a Vexilar. Later, veteran ice fisherman Tommy George shows us how to fish bluegills in the shallow weeds.

Wilderness Crappie

Wilderness Crappie Wilderness Crappie sends Host Tom Zenanko, Dave Genz and a couple of his friends to the far North in search of trophy crappy action on a remote lake. The conditions are difficult and the journey is far, but the rewards are great as the average fish size is nothing short of huge. Learn the important value of being mobile and prepared, along with a few other tips essential for extreme ice fishing adventures.

Ice Fishing School

Ice Fishing School Ice Fishing School brings you to the great fishery of Lake Superior's Chequamegon Bay and Apostle Islands. Join Host Tom Zenanko as he takes us to school with Jim Hudson's Ice Road Clinics to fish for Smallies through the ice. Then, come along on an ice fishing adventure into the Apostle Islands region with guide Captain Craig Putchat and get in on some great deep water trout action.

Kids Crappie Caper

Kids Crappie Caper Kids Crappie Caper Get out of the way Dave Genz, here is a trio of kids who are taking on the crappie world by storm. They head out fishing with Dad who shows them how to get started and soon they are hosting their own segment on how to catch crappies with the use of a Vexilar.

Crappie Paradise Just Released

Crappie Paradise Crappie Paradise Anytime you've got a nice secluded northern lake, a fantastic local guide, your favorite color Chubby Darter and hungry foot-long crappies to spare, you've got a crappie paradise. Come join as we experience this in the Bemidji, Minnesota area.

Walleyes on Ice

Walleyes on Ice Walleyes on Ice begins on Lake of the Woods in Northern Minnesota. Travel miles out onto this vast lake and catch plenty of walleye, with a few surprises thrown in. Next, travel to Devil's Lake in North Dakota and fish with the Perch Patrol Guide Service. We'll be catching some beautiful walleye while learning some great fishing tips.

Schooling Crappies on Ice

Schooling Crappies on Ice Schooling Crappies on Ice brings us along for a day of fishing with young Rory Larson, and proves that age has nothing to do with fishing success. The second half of the show is spent with Mr. Ice Fishing. Yes, Dave Genz takes us to school and shows us how it's done.

Take a Kid Ice Fishing

Take a Kid Ice Fishing Take a Kid Ice Fishing is dedicated to the youth of the great sport of ice fishing. Join young anglers Rory and Nate as they catch some nice bluegills and then have their own fish fry on the ice. Later, Corey Bechtold takes his youngsters out for some afternoon crappie action. This is a fun episode that is sure to be a hit with your whole family.

Zoom Zone Fishing

Zoom Zone Fishing Zoom Zone Fishing introduces you to the incredible advantages to using the Vexilar FL-18 and FL-20 for tight-bottom fishing. Join Keith "Kong" Kuebelbeck while he catches some great Mille Lacs perch. Then we head out with Tommy George and Jim Hudson to catch some nice bluegills. This episode also features a special segment on ice augers with Tony Roach from Strikemaster.

Extreme Ice Fishing

Extreme Ice Fishing Extreme Ice Fishing For the last three years Fans of IFT have expressed a great deal of interest in a show that takes them to new places they have never been before. ON this adventure, IFT does exactly this, we head to Lake of the Woods with IFT guest host Jason Mitchell as he and resort owner Tom Briggs take...


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