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Ice Team U Catfish

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Join Tom Zenanko as he catches catfish through the ice at a recent Ice Team University event.

Do It Yourself Crappie

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This week Corey Studer of Vexilar, Inc. visits a long time friend of the company. Bob Stulich shows us his crappie jig building techniques, then we head out onto the lake to give them a try.

Ice Leopards of Minnesota

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Not your usual game fish, Eelpout is quickly becoming an adventure fish for many. These are great eating fish too. Join Jason Durham and Matt Breuer for some nighttime catching, then some cleaning tips and eating too. http://go-fish-guides.com | http://northcountryguides.com  

Farmpond Fun

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Many anglers are unaware of the great farm pond fisheries in Iowa and other states. This week we head south to have some fun catching some impressive panfish and bass.

Tobin Tankers

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This year Tom Zenanko ventures to the far north in search of some of the biggest walleyes you will ever catch, through the ice or open water. Come with us to Tobin Lake in Saskatchewan Canada, in search of Tobin Tankers.

Bemidji Gold

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Join Hall of Fame Host Tom Zenanko as he and local guide Matt Breuer tackle a small backwoods lake and strike monster bluegill gold.

Crappie Paradise

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For this episode of Ice Fishing Today, we traveled to Northern Minnesota to fish with Spenser Samplawski, a young local area guide. He took us out to a private lake and put us on some of the biggest baddest crappie action we’ve ever seen. The Chubby Darter was on fire. Also, check out the new […]

Ultimate Panfish Tactics

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Ice Fishing Today welcomes a newcomer to the show. Matt Johnson has a long history in the fishing world. Matt joins host, Tom Zenanko to show us some advanced panfish techniques and to tell us about his wildly popular Ultimate Panfish League. Later Winter Artificial expert Corey Bechtold returns to IFT to fill us in […]

Walleyes on Ice

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This action packed edition of IFT first takes viewers to Lake of the Woods along the Minnesota/Canadian border. If you have never experienced big lake ice fishing, this is one show you will have to see. Heading 20 miles out on the ice in giant track vans is quite an adventure. The action was fast […]

Classic Dave Genz

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Ice Fishing Today would not be complete without a visit from Mr. Ice Fishing himself, Dave Genz. For years Dave has been beating the drum on how Vexilar Flashers have revolutionized fishing and he shows it by catching one nice crappie after another and some bonus fish too. This is all Dave Genz, his insights, […]

Schooling Crappies on Ice

Watch Now Schooling Crappies on Ice

Crappie fishing in winter is a true family affair and the action is almost non-stop as IFT host Tom Zenanko gets a lesson in deep water crappie tactics from one of the youngest crappie fishing experts in America. Ten year old Rory Larson of Minneapolis has been fishing with a Vexilar for four years and […]

Late Winter Perch

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If you love Perch, you will love this show because the IFT crew really racks them and stacks them! More importantly, this program shows just how important a Vexilar can be to double your perch fishing success. IFT travels to Mille Lacs Lake in central Minnesota with noted ice fishing expert, outdoor writer and elementary […]

Take a Kid Ice Fishing

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Ice Fishing Today guest Rory Larson returns with his buddy Nate this season to show us how great kids can be at the sport of Ice Fishing. Armed with Vexilars and the proper tackle, these guys catch ’em one right after the other. They even have time for an on-the-ice fish fry and show us […]

Ice Fishing Bluegill

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Catching bluegill will never be the same again when you learn from Tom Zenanko why a Vexilar is so critical to catching deep water sunfish. Many anglers are not aware of the great history behind Vexilar and what this great company has meant to the fishing industry. For 50 years, Vexilar has been a trusted […]

Zoom Zone Fishing

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The first half of Zoom Zone Fishing takes place on the great Winter perch fishery of Mille Lacs in Central Minnesota. IFT guest Keith “Kong” Kuebelbeck gives us the low-down on how to work these jumbo perch into biting using the Vexilar’s Zoom Zone feature. The second half of Zoom Zone Fishing brings us along […]

Wilderness Crappie

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Ice Fishing Today would not be what it is without Mr. Ice Fishing, Dave Genz. Therefore the whole of Wilderness Crappie is dedicated to one of Dave’s extreme ice fishing trips in search of trophy crappie. Dave shows us how to take on such an adventure and how you can be successful when there are […]

Extreme Ice Fishing

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For the last three years Fans of IFT have expressed a great deal of interest in a show that takes them to new places they have never been before. ON this adventure, IFT does exactly this, we head to Lake of the Woods with IFT guest host Jason Mitchell as he and resort owner Tom […]

Ice Fishing School

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In memory of the late Jim Hudson. The first half of Ice Fishing School takes us along a trip with Jim Hudson’s Ice Road Clinics. On these trips Jim teaches new or eager ice fishing enthusiasts how to improve their catch by introducing them to new techniques and tactics. Here, the clinic takes place on […]

Kids Crappie Caper

Watch Now Kids Crappie Caper

Get out of the way Dave Genz, here is a trio of kids who are taking on the crappie world by storm. They head out fishing with Dad who shows them how to get started and soon they are hosting their own segment on how to catch crappies with the use of a Vexilar. If […]