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What is Fishing Line Noise?

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Here is a question we get a lot. “What are all those crazy lines on the display when I first put my line down?” Tom Z answers.

Which Vexilar Is Right For Me?

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Tom Zenanko goes through the entire Vexilar color flasher product line and explains the different features and benefits of each model.

Big Red Lines

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Some small fish help demonstrate a great point regarding the size of the red lines on your Vexilar’s display. The bigger the better!

Navionics GPS for Ice Fishing

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Everything seems to be going mobile these days. No longer do you have to mount a full-sized GPS on your snowmobile for larger bodies of water. There’s an app for that…

2015 K-Drill TV Commercial

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The K-Drill is amazing. Once you use one you won’t want to go back. Boomer Stelmach stars in this 30 second television spot. Not sure who the Vexilar set lackey is running the old hand auger. Learn more and get one here!

Modern Tackle Tips

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Matt Johnson, of Matt Johnson Outdoors, talks about using modern tackle and gear to make the most out of your ice fishing adventures.

How To Do The Split Shot Test

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Vexilar is the leader in ice fishing flasher performance, but with the competition boasting more glamorous specifications, fisherman get confused about which one really IS better. Well we’ve devised a do-it-yourself test that will prove once and for all who is the champion of target resolution. Here’s how to do it.

Dave Genz Cooking Fish

Watch Now Dave Genz Cooking Fish

Join Dave in his very own kitchen to see how the Master himself prepares a meal of sunfish. Dave tells some interesting stories and offers up some great cooking tips.

Dave Genz on Modern Ice Rods

Watch Now Dave Genz on Modern Ice Rods

Dave goes over the features and benefits of today’s modern ice fishing rod. Gone are the days of the hand-over-hand retrieve. We’ve come a long way baby.

Dave Genz Early Ice Tips

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Come along on an early ice adventures as Dave Genz takes to one of his many secrete lakes to catch some nice sunnies and crappies. See Dave’s new snow machine and the amazing setup he has around it.

Dave Genz Ice Safety

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Early ice means danger if you are not cautious and prepared. Dave Genz is always one of the first guys on the ice each year. He tells us the steps he takes to be safe.

Bluegill Bill

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Although you did not see him in the on-air version of Ice Fishing Today, the legendary “Bluegill Bill” Erickson was on hand and shares his 80 years of ice fishing experiences with the web viewers. This is the beauty of our internet based program concept. While we wanted to highlight Bill on the broadcast segment […]

Dave Genz History

Watch Now Dave Genz History

Dave Genz tells us how he came to be able to go fishing everyday, something most of us only dream about.

Corey Bechtold Artificials

Watch Now Corey Bechtold Artificials

There are many ways to catch a crappie, but the hottest new way is with tiny plastic baits. The nation’s leading expert on ice fishing plastics is Corey Bechtold. This IFT extra is only available on-line since we didn’t have time to put it in the broadcast version of the show. Actually, Corey’s information is […]

Genz’s Tackle Box

Watch Now Genz's Tackle Box

Secret agents, spy satellites, and travelers from other dimensions have yet to infiltrate Dave’s tackle box, but here on IFT we show what’s inside. No photography please.

Guide Gonzo Interview

Watch Now Guide Gonzo Interview

The IFT crew had a chance to get some great tips on winter walleye from the Great Gonzo a legendary local guide on Lake of the Woods. Unfortunately, we did not have time in the televised version of the show to play back his tips. You will want to be sure to see this extra […]

Perch Patrol Truck Tour

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Zippy Dahl of the Perch Patrol takes us on a tour of his guide truck. When you’re runnin’ and gunnin’ on Devil’s Lake you gotta bet set up right. This is Zippy’s bass boat on ice.

Vexilar Kids

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During an early shoot we ran into this group of young guys and were highly impressed with their fishing skills and dedication to the sport of ice fishing. Kids and Vexilars go together like peanut butter and jelly. You just can’t go wrong, unless you only have one Vexilar.

Devils Lake Angler Interviews

Watch Now Devils Lake Angler Interviews

The anglers you will see catching fish are top sales employees from Gander Mountain Stores from around the Midwest. Gander Mountain prides itself on having associates that can walk the walk and talk the talk. It is clear these guys didn’t need much coaching as the walleyes were really hitting. In six hours, the crew […]

Don’t Drill Crooked Holes

Watch Now Don't Drill Crooked Holes

Our host explains why you need to be careful when drilling through thick ice. A crooked hole can actually make it difficult to use your Vexilar well. Can’t see your bait? Have to turn up your gain? Here’s why.

Electric Auger Options

Watch Now Electric Auger Options

The modern ice fishing revolution is here. Tom Zenanko shows us the latest in electric ice auger technology, designed for cordless power drills to be light and ultra portable. Don’t forget that the latest and greatest products show are available right here on IFT.

Fighting Interference

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The increasing popularity of Vexilar on the ice can make for some frustrating experiences around lots of people. Tom Zenanko explains sonar interference and shows us how to deal with lots of other Vexilar users in the area.

Surface Clutter

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Surface clutter can be an annoying problem when you’re fishing in shallow water, or for fish suspending high in the water column. Dave Genz shows us what surface clutter is and how to reduce it.

Butch Furtman on Ice Augers

Watch Now Butch Furtman on Ice Augers

Legendary television fishing show host Butch Furtman shows us ice augers from yesteryear to today and has some great safety tips and some tricks to go along.

Catching Bluegills

Watch Now Catching Bluegills

While filming Ice Fishing Bluegills, host Tom Zenanko caught so many fish we had no hope of fitting them all into the show. So here you can see some extended fish catching action with some extras how-to info included.

FL-20 Zoom Zone Fish Action

Watch Now FL-20 Zoom Zone Fish Action

Here’s an extended segment showing the FL-20 display in action. Tom Zenanko explains what the lights mean and how to interpret fish and their moods.

Fishing Knots 101

Watch Now Fishing Knots 101

Tom Zenanko shows you how to tie the three essential fishing knots. This is a great segment for beginners, as good knot tying is a requirement.

Ice Fishing Basics

Watch Now Ice Fishing Basics

This was an early IFT shoot. It was a beautiful day on a busy lake, so there ended up being a lot of background noise. For this reason we decided to reshoot on another day at another lake. There was some good info in this segment, so here it is for your viewing pleasure.

Jason Durham’s Ice Tips

Watch Now Jason Durham's Ice Tips

Fishing guide Jason Durham takes some time to show us some of his ice fishing secrets. Hey, you gotta have something to do when the fish aren’t biting.

Tricking Out Sleds and ATVs

Watch Now Tricking Out Sleds and ATVs

Today’s ice fisherman needs to be mobile to be successful. When the fish don’t bite you need to move on. Having a tricked out snowmobile or ATV allows you to be mobile and effective.

Craig Putchat’s Trout Baiting Tips

Watch Now Craig Putchat's Trout Baiting Tips

Lake Superior guide Craig Putchat shows us some valuable baiting tips for fishing big deep-water trout. He’s an expert, so listen up.

Crappie Lures

Watch Now Crappie Lures

Darren T. Goad of Cannon Tackle runs through some of the essential crappie jigs that are a must-have for any tackle box.

Panfish Rod Evolution

Watch Now Panfish Rod Evolution

Darren T. Goad of Cannon Tackle shows us where we started and how far we’ve come with panfish rods for ice fishing. Be sure to check out the related video “Jason Mitchell Rods” below, as he also gets into what rod you should have for what kind of fishing.

Tackle Needs for Panfish

Watch Now Tackle Needs for Panfish

Tom Zenanko takes some time to show beginners the basic tackle requirements to catch yourself a meal of panfish. You’ll find that they are not great.

The Hudson Loop Knot

Watch Now The Hudson Loop Knot

In memory of the late Jim Hudson. Jim, a well known local guide, shows you his very own loop knot, and why it can be beneficial to lure action.  

Genz Talks Brimz

Watch Now Genz Talks Brimz

Dave Genz quickly shows you the Brimz sunglasses from Vexilar. The shades were made for ice fisherman. No more stumbling around behind fogged up glasses or hearing that sickening crunch of your favorite shades under your boot.

Genz’s Genz Pack

Watch Now Genz's Genz Pack

Dave Genz give us a quick tour of his own Genz Pack. This is no off-the-shelf ice fishing pack. He’s got all the bells.

Interference Rejection

Watch Now Interference Rejection

A short and sweet segment describing the source of many four-letter words heard out on the ice, and how you can make life much more enjoyable using a Vexilar flasher.

Jason Mitchell Rods

Watch Now Jason Mitchell Rods

Legendary guide, television show host and rod designer, Jason Mitchell, shows us his new ice fishing rod designs and lets you know which rod is right for certain situations. These rods are amazing.

Strike Indicators

Watch Now Strike Indicators

Strike indicators can often be much more effective that traditional floats, or bobbers. Winter fish can bite so light that a float might not even move. A strike indicator will let you know something is sniffing the bait.