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The Ice-Ducer

Watch Now The Ice-Ducer

Remember the old days, when you used to have to mess with a clumsy arm and line up the bubble level on top of your transducer in order to see your bait. No? Well count yourself as fortunate. The Ice-Ducer was a huge advancement in ice fishing technology.

Vexilar Accessories

Watch Now Vexilar Accessories

Vexilar offers a wide range of accessories that compliment their amazing ice fishing flasher packs. Tom Zenanko shows you some of the most popular choices.

Bait Store Visit

Watch Now Bait Store Visit

The folks at Frankie’s Bait and Marine shared their insights into why it’s a really good idea to stop by and talk with your local bait shop people. They also show us some delicious flavors of larvae and maggots. mmmmmm….

Electric Drill Ice Augers

Watch Now Electric Auger Options

Tom Zenanko shows us the newest trends in ultra-portable ice drilling equipment. You’ll need to run to your local home improvement store to get the drill, but we have the chuck adaptors right here on IFT.

Understanding Transducers

Watch Now Understanding Transducers

Tom Zenanko goes through the Vexilar transducers lineup and explains the benefits of each, along with a tip on troubleshooting that can’t be missed.

Bonus Big Trout Catches

Watch Now Bonus Big Trout Catches

Here’s more action from Ice Fishing School that we just could not fit into the show. These fish were caught in super-shallow water using the Automatic Fisherman. Since it was so shallow, one had to back way off of the holes in order to keep from spooking these fish.

Ice Fishing for the Entire Family

Watch Now Ice Fishing for the Entire Family

Ice fishing is one of the best outdoor sports to get youngsters involved in. Here we go along with Corey, Maura, Ruby and Rose Studer on a windy late winter day.

Tommy’s Fish Fry

Watch Now Tommy's Fish Fry

Another bonus is the fact that Tommy George is a legendary cook. As another web extra, Tommy shows us THREE ways to prepare sunfish for cooking and conduct a taste test with Bluegill Bill as to which method is the best

Night Fishing for Crappie

Watch Now Night Fishing for Crappie

Corey Bechtold and his kids, Cole and Brook, spend a winter evening out on the ice catching some crappies. This segment was intended for the show “Take a Kid Ice Fishing”, but was not used due to the low light conditions.

Dave Genz Seminar

Watch Now Dave Genz Seminar

Dave Genz, Mr. Ice Fishing, has put on many ice fishing seminars over his years. Here’s a peek into one for those who have never been able to attend.

Perch Patrol Song

Watch Now Perch Patrol Song

To be a good guide you need to do more than just get your clients to catch fish. You need to entertain them too. What better way than to sing them your very own theme song? Excessive tips appreciated.

DNR Ice Safety

Watch Now DNR Ice Safety

While 90% of each IFT show is having fun fishing on the ice, ice fishing safety is never far from our minds. Our friends from the Minnesota DNR did a great bit on ice safety a few years back and we make it available to all our IFT viewers in hopes they will not only […]

DNR Biologist Seminar

Watch Now Dave Genz Seminar

Wisconsin DNR Biologist, Mike Seider, gives a great presentation on the amazing fishery that is Lake Superior.