Walleyes on Ice

This action packed edition of IFT first takes viewers to Lake of the Woods along the Minnesota/Canadian border. If you have never experienced big lake ice fishing, this is one show you will have to see. Heading 20 miles out on the ice in giant track vans is quite an adventure. The action was fast and fun. Walleyes on Lake of the Woods feed during the day and veteran walleye angler Darren T. Goad shares his experiences and tackle box with you to put fish in the bucket.

The second half of the program takes the IFT crew to Devils Lake North Dakota. Zippy Dahl, the founder of the Perch Patrol Guide Service takes the team out on the ice for a crazy day of walleye action. While it took about two hours to find the fish, the walleyes wanted to bite and most averaged almost five pounds. The thing you should note about this show while watching is that the fish were only in seven feet of water with three feet of ice, so when you set the hooks, the fish were already hitting the bottom of the hole. Very exciting action for sure and a show you will enjoy watching.