About Ice Fishing Today

Tom Zenanko

Show Host Tom Zenanko

Many people would think, just what we need, another fishing show, but this revolutionary concept in outdoor programming is expected to change the way all outdoor programs are produced in the future.

The name of the first program to use this concept will be called Ice Fishing Today and is the brainchild of a 30 year veteran in outdoor programming and Hall of Fame angler, Tom Zenanko of Minneapolis.

I have hosted and produced literally hundreds of projects in my career, stated Zenanko. I have been completely turned-off by the lack of originality and creative ideas in outdoor programs today. The Buck and Bubba shows are everywhere with the advent of cheap video systems and a desire to be famous.

Actually, the Sportsman’s Journal series I hosted and produced in the 80’s was cutting edge then, but is exactly how 99% of all outdoor programs are done today. It’s been 20 years since I’ve been on television and it was the breakthrough I had with Ice Fishing Today that got me out of retirement and back in front of the camera.

In Zenanko’s new series Ice Fishing Today, the program will be the first to be extensively linked directly to the World Wide Web and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Many shows now have web sites in conjunction with their show, but none that integrate the show into the web so a viewer is free to learn more and have easy access to additional information on demand. In producing any 30 minute program, literally hours of video tape are not shown simply because of time restrictions.

Now with the access to streaming video clips, you’re invited to watch the best ice fishermen in the country share their secrets, unedited and in the extended play version, the way it was filmed. Fans of ice fishing will be able to go to icefishingtoday.com and watch any of the programs along with bonus segments at any time.

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