Ice Fishing Bluegill

Catching bluegill will never be the same again when you learn from Tom Zenanko why a Vexilar is so critical to catching deep water sunfish. Many anglers are not aware of the great history behind Vexilar and what this great company has meant to the fishing industry. For 50 years, Vexilar has been a trusted name to fishermen and Tom explains this history and why a Vexilar is not a toy, but a tool for helping you double your fishing success. Tom takes a common-sense approach to catch these fish and boy does he catch them. Without a Vexilar, it is clear you would be missing all the action.

The show’s second half is dedicated to fishing big bluegill that live in clear lakes that have great weed growth. Any other brand of sonar is not capable of seeing fish move in weeds and Tom George, a veteran weed angler shows you the secret to being more successful than the old fashion “sight fishing” methods by using a Vexilar to avoid spooking fish, and do it without the neck and back pain that comes from sight fishing. It is amazing to see that you can use a Vexilar in thick weeds to outfox those ultra smart adult bluegills.