Schooling Crappies on Ice

Crappie fishing in winter is a true family affair and the action is almost non-stop as IFT host Tom Zenanko gets a lesson in deep water crappie tactics from one of the youngest crappie fishing experts in America. Ten year old Rory Larson of Minneapolis has been fishing with a Vexilar for four years and it is very apparent that he is a boy of action and not words. Learning to spot a crappie hole is easy, but you need to know how to use your Vexilar in deep water to convert those fish targets into real fish, that’s his secret. Rory walks you through his easy to follow system.

Part two of Schooling Crappies on Ice is with the living legend of ice fishing himself, Mr. Dave Genz. Many in the ice fishing world call him Mr. Ice Fishing and rightly so. Dave was one of the true pioneers to what we now call our modern ice fishing tactics. Dave shows us how to find crappie in winter and of course his tactics for using a Vexilar to catch them one right after another. When you go fishing with Dave, the action is almost non-stop and it is very educational to watch a true master at work. We encourage our viewers to watch closely at the little things that Dave does to catch fish after fish live on camera.